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Internet was launched in KSA back in Jan’99, and since then the competition started between all different “Internet-related” companies to grab the leader’s position in each field.
Arabiyat International was one of the pioneers, which came up in the year 2000 with the first fully integrated Arabic magazine on the internet.
Our web development services and solutions has grown over the years, supported by our reputation which was built on over 10 years of establishing trusting relationships, developing innovative solutions, and helping our clients to define their online presence.
Our Objective is to provide local companies with world-class web development services, and build solutions tailored to their needs. re-launching

Arabiyat magazine was re-launched today >>

Latest Project

Web developement for Diyar Al-Khayyal >>

What is
The first Arabic Web-Based Magazine and Portal on the internet.

Proposition: To grab more quality visitors, who spend quality time in our site, and keep on visiting us more frequently.

Strategy: Focus on the ongoing innovative/exclusive contents.

Targeted Audience: Arab and Saudi Adults.

BACKGROUND satistics

The Internet market & marketing in KSA:
Since the internet was launched in KSA the share of Internet users in Saudi is increasing dramatically as well as the rest of the Arab world. All the marketing managers who have a long-term vision have considered the Internet in their media plans, we aim to help you making your internet part of the media plans more efficient by adding Arabiyat as a Saudi & Arab Targeted vehicle in them.


Arabiyat is a very juicy subject for many reporters in the newspapers such as: Arab news, Alwatan, Aljazerah, Alriyadh, Okaz, Alsharq Alawsat, Aleqtesadiya, almadinah, Alriyadiyah, Alyaum, Alanbaa, Albilad, Albayan, Ittihad.

And magazines like Aljadedah, Laha, Hia, Nesf Aldonya,Sayedaty, Sayedaty Sadaty, Arabian business (ITP), Saudi shopper and Windows.
No other site got as much area in the newspapers and magazine as Arabiyat did.

Arabiyat was also exposed to the TV in the ART channel, the Saudi TV, Kuwait channel, Dubai channel, Future channel, Nile educational channel, AlArabiyah channel, AlEkhbariyah channel, LBC channel, Rotana Channel and MBC.

Regional break down
Saudi Arabia 45%
Arab World 25 %
USA 18%
Other 12 %

Audience Gender
55% Female
45% Male

Age Grouping
15 – 35 = 68 %
Under 18 = 15 %
Over 35 = 17 %

Because of the quality contents of Arabiyat, it enjoys an impressive traffic of an average 7,000,000 pages per month, and 15,000,000 to 18,000,000 hits. This huge traffic wasn’t forced by the good contents only, but also with the other offered services in Arabiyat.


Web Hosting

Original website design

Custom Programming

E-Commerce Solutions

Online Marketing

Original Arabic Content

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